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Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right lubricant for your application is important. The following criteria should be examined when selecting a formula:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Bearing speed (see our Bearing Speed Calculator to calculate maximum speed allowable for standard MicroPoly formulas.)
  • Contaminants (dirt, sand, water, washdown solution, etc.)
  • USDA/FDA requirements for food grade applications

Please consult our Cross Reference Guide for a complete listing of all formulas. If you're still uncertain as to which formula to use, you can call customer service at 800-874-9638 and they will be happy to help you select the right one for your application.

No. MicroPoly is a thermoplastic, not a grease. Installing MicroPoly in a bearing requires specialized equipment and trained personnel, and must be done at our production facility.

Not usually. If you are located in the United States, we encourage you to buy your bearings from your local bearing distributor and have them send us the bearings to fill. In emergency situations when you do not have time to arrange shipment of bearings to us, we may purchase bearings from our local distributors on your behalf. If you are located outside of the United States, we can help you obtain your bearings in the USA.

It depends on the kind of bearing. We can replace rubber seals on single row ball bearings (usually indicated by –RS or –PP suffixes on the part number). We can replace seals on most Sealmaster Goldline bearings. We can replace most seals located on the bearing housing. If you have a sealed bearing not listed here, please call us to discuss.

No. We cannot replace shields. If we receive a shielded bearing, we will remove the shield from one side to install the MicroPoly. We will leave the shield on the other side.

MicroPoly becomes a solid gel as it cures in your bearing. It must be molded around the cone using the mating cup to ensure the proper fill.

MicroPoly becomes a solid gel as it cures in your bearing. It must be molded around an insert with the same tolerance as your shaft to ensure that you will be able to install it on your shaft once you receive it.

We cannot process a bearing in the housing. If you send us a bearing in the housing, we have to remove the insert before we can begin working on it, and then reinstall it in the housing when we're done. You'll save money by removing them from the housings yourself and just sending us the inserts – this will also save you money on shipping by decreasing the weight of your shipment!

The best answer we can give is “it depends.” We have one customer who gets 2 weeks life from his MicroPoly filled bearings, and he is thrilled because before he used MicroPoly his bearings lasted less than a day. Other applications have run a decade or more.

Our standard lead time is two weeks after we receive your bearings. We offer rush services for a reasonable charge. If two week lead time is not sufficient, please call customer service at 800-874-9638 and they can help you expedite your order.

Most bearings can be filled with MicroPoly. Bearings must have an inner and outer race, and we must be able to see the balls or the rollers in order to fill them. If bearings do not have an inner or outer race, sometimes we can have one made for the purposes of filling the bearing.

There is a $25 minimum order requirement. Additional minimums may apply for solid profiles and custom parts.

We're a lubrication company, and we lube a lot more than bearings! We have lubrication solutions for conveyor chains, ball screws, linear bearings, wheel flanges, gears, bushings, wear plates, and sliding friction applications. Our research and development staff specializes in solving lubrication problems, and is willing to work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs.

Our customers make the shipping decisions and pay all shipping charges. We use whatever company you specify on the purchase order. Please be aware that most shipping companies have limits as to what they will reimburse for uninsured lost or damaged shipments. For example, UPS will only reimburse $100 per shipment. If you would like PhyMet to insure your shipment please indicate this on the purchase order and include the value to be insured. PhyMet is not liable for the value of bearings damaged or lost in shipment.


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