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Chain Lubricating Sprocket

A sprocket made from MicroPoly provides a unique method of lubricating chains. When inserted as an idler sprocket in a chain line, oil is transferred from the MicroPoly to the chain as the sprocket rotates against the chain. Since the MicroPoly has a large reservoir of oil, the sprockets provide a long lasting method of chain lubrication with reduced maintenance and improved housekeeping and safety.

MicroPoly sprockets are used as idler sprockets, and should not be used as drive sprockets. MicroPoly sprockets should be mounted on the slack side of the chain.

Available Sprockets Are:

  • 3519
  • 4019
  • 5017
  • 6015

Please contact PhyMet's technical staff (937) 743-8061 for details on custom sprockets.


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