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PhyMet's MPF-0696 and MPF-1150 food grade lubricants are NSF registered for both H1 and H2 applications.

MPF-0696 can be used to lubricate bearings and can be provided in solid profiles. It contains corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants and E. P. (Extreme Pressure) additives. The E. P. additive helps in reducing friction between heavily loaded rolling elements. This product has an effective temperature range of –49°F to 210°F.

MPF-1150 is a new formula developed by PhyMet in response to our customers’ request for a food grade product specifically designed for large, heavily loaded bearings. MPF-1150 is similar to MPF-0696, but contains a higher viscosity oil. The effective temperature range is -30°F to 210°F.

What do H1 and H2 mean?

The USDA created the food grade designations of H1 and H2. The H1 designation is for lubricants that are used in food processing environments where there is the possibility of incidental food contact. H2 lubricants are used in locations where there is no possibility of food contact. Prior to 1999, the USDA was responsible for registering food grade products. All USDA product registrations prior to 1999 are still in effect.

After 1999, responsibility for registering food grade lubricants passed to the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF). MicroPoly® formula MPF-0696 has been registered with the NSF as both an H1 and an H2 lubricant. For more information about the NSF standards, please visit

All food grade products are initially white, but over time will change to yellow with exposure to light. This color change does not affect the performance of the product.


MPF-0696 Product Data Sheet

MPF-1150 Product Data Sheet

MPF-0696 Material Safety Data Sheet

MPF-1150 Material Safety Data Sheet

Over the years we have continued to develop new products to meet the expressed needs of our customers. In response to customer requests, we have introduced two new formulas designed specifically for higher load applications.

MPI-2500 was formulated with a high viscosity synthetic oil to be used in applications where bearings are more heavily loaded, especially at low speeds. It also contains corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants and E. P. additives.

MPI-4500 contains a higher viscosity synthetic oil than MPI-2500. It’s designed to be used in very heavily loaded bearing applications. It also contains corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants and E. P. additives.


MPI-2500 Product Data Sheet

MPI-4500 Product Data Sheet

MPI-2500 Material Safety Data Sheet

MPI-4500 Material Safety Data Sheet

MPI-0779 is a more robust version of our standard product, MPI-0800. Like MPI-0800, the MPI-0779 contains corrosion inhibitors and anti-oxidants but we've also added extreme pressure additives and expanded the operating temperature range. The oil selected for this product has a temperature range of – 50°F to 225°F. It is our best product for low temperature applications. This product can also be used to lubricate bearings and produced into standard and customized profiles.


MPI-0779 Product Data Sheet

MPI-0779 Material Safety Data Sheet


PhyMet has developed a new MicroPoly® formulation that can operate at speeds higher than any other microporous polymeric lubricant (MPL) product currently on the market. The new formula, MPI-S700, is a breakthrough in MPL technology and will enable MicroPoly to be used in a variety of lubrication applications that previously were outside the speed limitations of this technology. This product contains corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants, and E. P. (Extreme Pressure) additives. MPI-S700 has been dyed green to let you know we are "go" for high speeds!

The following charts show the speed limits for three common types of bearings:

Bearing Type 45mm BoreMean Diameter (mm)*Max RPM for MPI-0800Max RPM with MPI-S700
Single row ball 65 4,615 7,170
Spherical roller 65 1,308 2,190
Tapered roller 65 692 1,560

Radial Ball Bearing

radial ball bearings

Tapered Roller Bearing

tapered roller bearings

Spherical Roller Bearing

spherical roller bearings

— MPI S700 — Standard MPL Note: Mean diameter is calculated as follows: Mean diameter = 0.5(ID + OD)


MPI-S700 Product Data Sheet

MPI-S700 Material Safety Data Sheet


PhyMet has introduced this product, developed by its scientists, that extends the useful temperature range compared to standard MicroPoly® systems. This new MicroPoly composition can withstand temperatures up to 350°F.

MPI-2000 filled bearings can be used in non-wash down conditions at temperatures ranging from –10°F to 350°F. It contains corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants, E. P. (Extreme Pressure) additives, and wear/friction reducing additives. This high temperature product can be easily identified by its red color.

MPI-2400 filled bearings can be used in wash down conditions at temperatures ranging from –15°F to 350°F. It contains corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants, E. P. (Extreme Pressure) additives and wear/friction reducing additives, and has better wash down capabilities than MPI-2000. This high temperature product is off-white.

The limiting speeds for MPI-2000 and MPI-2400 at ambient temperatures can be calculated using the Ndm values on page 4. As with our standard products, the maximum allowable speed will decrease as the operating temperature increases. However, the effective temperature range of these products is extended (350°F) compared to our standard products (200-225°F). Call our Customer Service or Engineering Department if speed at high temperature is a concern.

Typical Applications:

  • Bakery—ovens
  • Cement processing—kiln rolls
  • Glass manufacturing—ovens
  • Incinerators
  • Steel processing
    • Billet turner
    • Continuous annealing
    • Furnace rolls
    • Melt shop
    • Reheat furnace
    • Table rolls


MPI-2000 Product Data Sheet

MPI-2400 Product Data Sheet

MPI-2000 Material Safety Data Sheet

MPI-2400 Material Safety Data Sheet


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